Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Life, The Global Food Supply and InfinitE/IQ

Nope, Twain never used a double preface to begin a story, then again Huck Finn’s adventures didn’t delve into gut permeability, receptor sensitivities, nor counting the seconds it takes pre-Electro-Convulsive Therapy  anesthesia took to travel into the olfactory bulb. Then again I think my adventure in The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, pretty much eclipse those of the “Huckster”, but a lazy day along the Mississippi river with a rod and reel, and a vitamin D soaking scalp suits me just fine.

The double preface to today’s blog are some facts: the glycemic index of some white rice is 63, even brown rice 50, peppers, snow peas and spinach at 15.

And just a friendly reminder from an earlier blog, the wheat protein’s ability to advance gut permeability, allow access to molecular mimics, induce an immune response, and open up/potentiate an auto-immune condition and lifelong pathology.

Riddles, Humor, Houses and Intestines and the Power of Clean Fuel

And now to preface today’s blog, a meeting and a topic for another day, but major overlap to my meeting with a family and a possible ADD/ADHD child. The other day I met a fine gentleman of middle age, in the US now for 1 year, complaining of chest pain and describing an off the chart blood pressure. Within seconds I learned about 2 stents in his coronary arteries, his Type II diabetes and his 3 medications to control his blood pressure – yes I said get to the ER or doc ASAP. As ALWAYS let me preface today’s chat with I am not a medical doctor; just someone who cured himself.

I asked him to describe his diet, and he looked at me perplexed, and that look was reciprocated. I came to find that in his half a century on this planet, no one ever discussed the fact that his main staple of rice, might be counterproductive to his case history. At best he said he was once thrown a pamphlet on food. I was exasperated to say the least. See this link per type II, Glycemic Indexes and Loads:

We are there – today’s blog.

A very good friend recently asked me to speak with a family. The son had just left school. He did not make the baseball squad and his collegiate studies were suffering – he was falling into a funk and was now at home.

He was diagnosed with ADHD and was on medication. The family was interested in my experiences and my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure. They were also well aware of my baseball and physical training abilities – teaching skills.

I began the discussion with explaining  that although I had extensive knowledge of the human body I was not an MD. An  absolute injustice touched upon in my book, but not elaborated on in detail – there is always another day or blog to relay that travesty.

As the conversation proceeded I also explained I was not an expert on ADHD nor medications  specific to that illness. I do have an understanding of the illness, the difficulties in diagnosis and more, but one common goal exists – to peak this individual’s performance, in order to quantify and further delineate an exact diagnosis or not.

We spoke about the benefits of InfinitE/IQ, my theories about the field of psychiatry, and some basic psychological ideas in place that needed to be dispelled – in my opinion.

This student athlete felt uncomfortable around his hometown friends because of his “failures” abroad. I spoke to him about friendships, the human condition and man’s evolution as a social creature.

I asked him why he felt compelled to compete with his best buddies when there were 7+ billion others out there to compete with. I explained the deleterious effects of isolation on the human psyche, and our greatest goal to halt the funk he was in. We agreed post meeting to pick up the phone and head out for the afternoon and share his pain with his comrades. They’ll need him one day. His eyes lit up, as did his parents, and he has done just that.  Community is an essential component of InfinitE/IQ. We are stuck with our evolution.

InfinitE IQ

Near Infinite Energy and Intelligence –      Stimulation, Community and Clean Fuel
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We discussed study techniques, learning and memory as outlined in my book,  and then we delved into his own case history, while I shared the development changes of adolescence as outlined in my book as well.

I learned this. His diet – an absolute atrocity which was great news. Why? It provided possibilities. In my book I described my own adolescent diet and in a scale of 1-10 in quality I would choose a 6 for myself. In terms of quantity a 15 – possibly aggravated the situation more. For this fine young mine, his quality was a 4, and his quantity now suffered as well -due to his “funk” impending depression.

I then guided the family to the value of mental and physical exercise, other aspects of clean fuel and about work ethic, procrastination and focus, the latter 3 all qualities that present havoc in defining, diagnosing, and medicating the ADHD patient. These 3 qualities are sometimes life lessons not learned, and the absence of can be the foundation of ADHD as well. A very qualified physician is needed – one understanding the value of InfinitE/IQ and processing the 3 qualities discussed effectively and with patience.

The meeting lasted about 1.5 hrs and we all agreed to maximize his being with InfinitE/IQ and see where we/they landed. When he lands, the diagnosis will be more precise.

Progress thus far has been fantastic but the experiment will need time. His family is supportive – they value Community.

As the family reads my book they will learn to understand medications, side effects, and lifestyle changes that can effect them.  The most common type of medication used for treating ADHD is called a “stimulant.” Although it may seem unusual to treat ADHD with a medication that is considered a stimulant, it works because it increases the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine, which play essential roles in thinking and attention.

With Community, Clean Fuel and Stimulation let us restore his unique being and guide him safely through the adolescent maturation storm, and explore a rainbow.

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