When is it okay to blindly blame another?

Wednesday night-Thursday morning at 12:01 AM, a felt a stirring in my lower intestinal tract while in the bathroom. It was a small stirring, benign in discomfort or pain, but from experience and a cerebral dip, my dendrites told me that at about 3:00 AM there would be doom. I envisioned a less than human crawl along a cold tile bathroom floor, a complete evisceration of my manhood and more, and complete up close inspection of my American Standard porcelain once white toilet bowl.

In my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, the Introduction here:


I discuss fear, how to grasp it, and how to use it to your advantage.

I was not fearful of my AM visage, I was accepting. We all have been there – the AM horror Poseidon Adventure – a tidal wave that knows no end, and comes out both.

I was wrong though, so very, very wrong ! It was not 3:00 AM but rather 2:50 AM, when my body went into full wet vac in reverse with two outlet points. The stomach flu hit full force ! There was a howling, I was sure had echoed throughout my town. Surely my children and wife had heard, and would come running? I was wrong again.

There are several culprits that cause viral gastroenteritis – see here:


I chose to lay suspect to the rotavirus, an entity typically infecting children, rarely adults, but one which would allow me to explain the title of my blog. You see, it is my personal feeling, that the only time in our lifetime that it is okay to blame someone else with extreme prejudice is when you are forced to crawl on cold tile like a dehydrated amoebe and weep like a baby for 4 to 5 times per night from start to finish.

And so The Lindemann Theory on viral gastroenteritis is as follows:

1) tell yourself you will lose 10 pounds (and ignore the fact it is all water weight)

2) blame your kids, and if you do not have kids, blame your neighbors’ kids – do it without shame or conscious – it’s OK

The rotavirus reminds me visually of a merge between a nerf ball and an octopus – see here:


In the small intestine, it binds to glycolipids on villus cells, invades their tips, malabsorption of carbohydrates ensue, the rest is history –  a part of your life only the cleaning product folks profit from.

Can my InfinitE/IQ help? It can maximize your immunity system yes, but on this night, man’s 5 million year evolution lost out to this 1.5 billion year evolving “monster”.

Near Infinite Energy and Intelligence –   Stimulation, Community and Clean Fuel
A Brand You Can Trust

An interesting article here:


actually explores the fact that viruses are quote evolved, actually aided in human evolution, and does ask are viruses in fact life? Thursday, they were alive in me – I know that !

The fact is viruses first appeared on earth 1.5 billion years ago, and the foundational components of man’s hormonal systems, proto-hormones arrived about 500 million years ago – we can talk about them soon in a blog – the Eicosanoids. These local hormones are terribly important in humans and can be manipulated by clean fuel, part of my InfinitE/IQ.

By 9 am Thursday morning, the expulsions were complete; my body ready to rest in sleep. The phone rang just before I was about to fall away,a voice said, “Chimney sweep, can we sweep your chimney”.

I placed him on speaker, and with the last little bit of life remaining mumbled where my fire was and yes he could surely sweep it !

That’s my blog, I hope it is read between, not during your meal. Great day and week to all on this glorious March Monday morning

Remember all there is nothing wrong but everything right with hope.

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