The Ultimate Human Body Secret?

In the Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, I define the formula called InfinitE/IQ, a triad of components enabling me to be cured of OCD, and to thoroughly dismiss a misdiagnosis of bipolar depression. To completely understand the 31 year retrospective analysis taken of my case history, one begun at age 15, and to comprehend my arrival at InfinitE/IQ, I can only invite you to this link, and of course free access to the book’s Introduction:

My ideas for my cure were first discussed with my physician in 2009, On my own in 2009, I removed one last medication in my epiphany described in my book. In 2014/2015 I went public with my ideas on a website, and subsequently removed it, and around the same time went public at a local YMCA meeting, a round table of about 7-8 in discussions on treatments for Type II Diabetics. This time table puts me at almost a decade of symptom free (ZERO), long term therapy and medication free living.

I would like to introduce a class of biologically active substances that can be manipulated by the Clean Fuel component of InfinitE/IQ. They are a group of hormones, lipid derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids, called eicosanoids, and are mostly of the paracrine hormone type – cell to cell communication, signaling and changes upon receptors . Active for only a second, they include the following: prostaglandins, leukotrienes, prostacyclins, thromboxanes, lipoxins, hydroxylated fatty acids and more. See this link for some hormone signalling basics:      (please copy and paste if not active)

The importance of eicosanoids should become obvious when you consider the human body’s 50 trillion cells. It seems prudent that if 50 trillion cells are working with maximum communication and signaling, then the rest of the body might become a lean mean and happy functioning machine. To further this point more than 20 endocrine hormones are in circulation, more than 50 total different hormones exist and depending on how you count there are 30-100 neurotransmitters, all of which either directly or indirectly are effected by and effect these eicosanoid  hormones.

Clean fuel described in my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, can allow all these hormones to work “magic” and allow one to fight for peak performance mentally and physically. The summit’s pinnacle we all desire – near infinite energy and intelligence – the motto of InfinitE/IQ.


Intelligence and Energy via InfinitE/IQ = Stimulation +Community + Clean Fuel

The link below describes a few more specifics on eicosanoids, receptor interaction and signaling.

The history and science behind this group of hormones will help highlight the power of these hormones, and their biochemical pathways and actions on cells and the human body. There is a group of links below for Nobel Prize lectures (at your convenience) with a simple analogous story to follow.

In 1931 a substance was found in seminal fluid that could act on uterine tissue – a credit to Kurzrok and Lieb. 1936 saw von Euler describe the substance as prostaglandin. The 1950s saw further biochemical elucidation and multiple prostaglandins; this all came with specific cstereochemical synthesis of the compounds.

With ammunition in hand, 1982 became the year that the Nobel Prize in physiology medicine was handed to these gentlemen of three:     (please copy and paste if not active)


Specifics of their findings are at the below links:

Simple summary of Bergström -Prostaglandins and cytoprotection, fertility and prostaglandin synthesis and aspirin effects on process

Simple summary of Samuelsson -Prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes  discovered and how arachidonid acid is effected by aspirin

Simple summary of Vanes work —Prostacyclin, induction by adrenaline, aspirin inhibiting arachadonic acid to prevent prostaglandin release, and entered research on vitamin e deficiency, and how it effects eicosanoid production.

I will look at the power of Vitamin E in another blog, review it’s interaction and antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E – Wondrous Antioxidant and More

In my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, I discuss the pathways of eicosanoid production, and the power and shortcomings of pharmacologic action on these pathways. The problem is that these pharmacological indiscriminately “ take out” many of the eicosanoids being formed with very little specificity.

In my book the power of endocrine hormones on these pathways are reviewed, as well as the power of clean fuel and exercise as well.

One becomes aware the most effective way to maximize autocrine and paracrine communication, and in turn endocrine function (and the reverse as well) is to follow clean fuel recommendations. Stimulation, mental and physical enhances the effect as well.

The below link discusses insulin and eicosanoids:


The below link discusses long chain fatty acids and eicosanoids.

I hope the below story simplified the message I am trying to convey and by all means my book brings this message to life in analysis.

In the clean fuel  section of my book I discuss the very dramatic effect food can have on insulin production, and how ratios and types of carbohydrates, proteins and fats can effect and maximize best insulin hormone production.

Stay with me people on the below story and explanation, as this is critical in your understanding of how to be healthy and live with joy, and become vibrant with all of InfinitE/IQ. Just stay with me, and let the words drive and motivate you to eat with discipline and understanding.

So your son or daughter is entering college. He’s attending Choice University in the town of Reaction, USA, which sits at the crossroads of Possible Chaos and the Road to Health. There is only one way to enter the school property, and that is via a paddle and canoe, which starts at the top of the stream, and you leave the University by going downstream through Reaction, USA, and then exit at the bottom of the stream.

The way your son eats while at school will determine how the effects the flow downstream, and if he glides out, or gets swamped. Remember again, food effects insulin, and insulin as you will see effects the stream.

The players in this story are a group of signaling hormones called Eicosanoids (1931 Discovery) that bounce between your 50 trillion cells. These players don’t live long, act fast, and make really big and dramatic decisions; decisions that effect all of your other hormonal systems.

You can make “friendly” or “unfriendly” players, and the choice of food (fatty acids in the food) can determine your friends at Choice University. The “quotes” on these players, are there because sometimes the unfriendly players have a positive purpose, but only when the body needs them. If you make “unfriendly” players when not needed, you are headed down the crossroad of Chaos.

Remember folks, that there are 50 trillion cells at the beginning of the stream, and if not treated very nicely, they will create some pretty mean hormonal rapids downstream, and you may, or will get swamped.

Let me tell you about more of how things work in the stream. Your daughter will eat food which contains short chain fatty acids. The short chains are made into longer chains, and then these longer chains are made into Eicosanoids. The final step of production is critical, and is controlled by an enzyme called delta-5-desaturase. Now if your body does bring in this enzyme, then the final assembly will make Arachidonic Acid (AA), and it is this AA which leads to “unfriendly” Eicosanoids downstream, leading you down the road of chaos, and the swamping.

The good news is you have control of the stream if you want. Insulin will activate the delta enzyme, and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, the long chain fatty acid found in fish oil), will inhibit the delta. If you control the delta with healthy insulin production, and consume plenty of fish, and supplement with EPA rich fish oil, then you can go downstream safely, and paddle out smoothly.

After you graduate Choice University, by making the right food choices, making healthy friends, you can also lead a healthier lifestyle, and avoid chronic disease later in life. Yes, the “unfriendly” Eicosanoids can lead to obesity, Type II Diabetes, and many other inflammatory conditions.

Clean fuel, one of 3 components of InfinitE/IQ, is a controllable choice. Stimulation and Community are yours to harness as well. The ride of your life, or swamped and chaos in life and health are in your hands. The former a thrill, the latter a mission of turmoil and expense.

Find excitement, vibrancy and verve with InfinitE/IQ !

InfinitE IQ

Near Infinite Energy and Intelligence – Stimulation, Community and Clean Fuel
A Brand You Can Trust

Note: The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, was written by Robert Lindemann, and published by RWL Consulting LLC.

The book defines a revolution in psychiatric care, treatment and understanding – with tremendous healthcare and socioeconomic savings. I cured myself of OCD, and dismissed the medication induced misdiagnosis of Bipolar Depression. It is a book not just for the mental health community, but for all human beings.

InfinitE/IQ is a formula with curative and peak performance components. Healthy diets, with DHA/EPA (Clean Fuel), mental and physical exercise (Stimulation) and a return to the social creature mankind is (Community), define these components. My theories behind OCD, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, Electro- convulsive treatments, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, fear, learning and memory are all laid out in my case history retrospective analysis defining the backbone of my book.

The book is available at the below link, along with a wonderful youtube video of my family, and the Introduction pages are waiting for you to read: