A Christmas Card Dear Rob, I had to send a card because I just finished reading the Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure. I had no idea you went through what you did, as we were mostly kept in the dark. While I loved reading about the memories you mentioned – your station wagon headed to the beach, your pet snakes sprawled on the living room couch (Ahhhh!), your wonderful Dad may he RIP, stick-ball in the street, etc. – I was saddened by your pain and suffering. It made me cry. But I am proud to know such a fighter – you just never gave up. Thank you for sharing your story. May you always be well and continue your journey of happiness. Love, A neighbor on Winthrop.
Micha Zimmerman Meyer
I find this book to be fascinating and have a riveting story – a page turner, coupled with real science and medical history. A must read in my opinion. A book for the masses. A book we all can find the summit to – only with your InfinitE/IQ !
Hey Rob, I just wanted to drop you a line as I ordered and just finished reading your book! Thank you for sharing your life and all you have overcome. I am thankful for your perseverance and YOUR cure! You have made me think very hard about many things, and have inspired me to make some changes now that I have the knowledge you shared. I look forward to more of your books in the future. Once again, thanks for sharing, Happy New Year to your family and a great read.
Robin Raley Hazen