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In this memoir I have theorized, as part of The Lindemann Theory, and I believe validate it in an eight-year cure thus far, that the medications that thankfully removed symptoms of O.C.D. went on to create a broad range of events including direct side effects, a misdiagnosis, and indirectly led to other sequelae (conditions following the original one of O.C.D.). In 2009, I would perform a retrospective analysis of these events, leading me to create The Lindemann Theory that would lead to my cure.  I then go on to create InfinitE/IQ to help us all. The very events that tortured me would create a history that would set me free. Read our customer’s review below …

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The Lindemann Theory For the World

***  Just Released  ***

Because of the medication-induced side effects and sequelae (direct and indirect) mentioned and the original OCD, I believe I have insight into the following disorders: OCD, cyclothymic disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), depression, major depression and dysthymia.

My education in physiology and psychology, understanding of exercise physiology, nutrition, athletic training and broad coursework from medical school including coursework in pharmacology, anatomy-cadaver dissection, pathology, biochemistry, quantitative analysis, nutrition, physiology, neuroanatomy, embryology, genetics, endocrinology, microbiology, physical exam-history, microbiology, nutrition, molecular cell biology, all enabled me to analyze, elucidate, and create my theory, carry it out, succeed, document and pen this memoir-case history.

My use of InfinitE / IQ, a combination of Community (removal of isolation, and a return to a social species), Stimulation (mental and physical exercise; stress in the right dose to invoke adaptations) and Clean Fuel (food and supplements of the right type and quantity) all designed to maximize biochemical and neurochemical balance, hormonal control and reach peak efficiency and life performance. That cure again has been close to a decade now.

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Author: Robert Lindemann
Publisher: RWL Consulting LLC
Publication Year: December 8, 2017
Length: 270

17 reviews for The Lindemann Theory For the World

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  1. PC

    Amazing journey of struggle, courage and success. Strong will and perseverance with strong faith and family really hit home to the reader. Wonderfully written!

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  2. Larry Blatterfein

    Rob has displayed incredible courage in writing this book. His willingness to discuss the most vulnerable and distressing times in his life, in order to lay the groundwork for his personal breakthrough, the discovery that has led him to 13 years (and running) of good mental health, solely for the reader’s benefit is nothing less than an act of love.

    Because of his breakthrough theory Rob was not welcomed back into medical school and his colleagues in the medical profession have turned their backs to him. One can only wonder why? Who and what are they protecting?

    I understand this well having gone through a period of severe physical problems that rendered the doctors without answers. The medical community tends to explain its failures by saying they’re “practicing” medicine. Yet, when an alternative remedy becomes known doctors label it nonsense or coincidence.

    Like Rob, I worked my way back to health by focusing on great nutrition tailored specifically for me, rigorous exercise, and intense mental stimulation… without doctors but with the help of a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and my own determination. All of course with the help of Community – family and friends.

    Anyone who reads this book, whether for their own benefit or the benefit of someone they love, will be armed to fight for their mental and physical health.

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  3. Anne D

    An inspiring and honest story of a man documenting his struggles with OCD, Depression and anxiety for many years , the inadequacy of our mental health system and how he is able to find a solution .

    He is fortunate for the support of his family and friends and his ability and intelligence to problem solve. It is a story of resilience and hope.

    I have familiarity with Mental health issues as a clinical social worker. The story touched me both as a person who knows Robert, as well as a former provider of services.

    Thank you for writing this!

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  4. Lois Egowunma Usonwu – Author

    The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, is an inspiring/self-help/biographical/medical analysis book written by Robert Lindemann.

    In this heart-wrenching love story the author describes his journey through OCD, depression, anxiety, and the suffering of failed treatment, and his theories leading to a recipe of success InfinitE / IQ which he applied successfully and diligently and is now sharing with the World. That recipe of success now curative for 13 years.

    I was both encouraged and life driven that as we go through pain or ill health, we can seek hope and search for solutions, and gain results as did the author.

    I recommend The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure to everyone as it is captivating, enlightening and encouraging.

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  5. MJC

    Review of – The Lindemann Theory: A 31 Year Journey and My Cure (World Version)

    I have recently read with fascination the story of this young man and his journey with mental illness – diagnosed with OCD when he was 15 years old.. After many relapses and new beginnings he started to study the medications he was on to deal with OCD. The side effects of some of these medication created an imbalance on how mind and body worked. His medical studies helped him to do the research.

    It is an academic book on one level and a life story on another level. 31 years of struggle brought him to some conclusions worth exploring for anyone suffering from OCD and the side effects of medication. He attests that he was able to cure himself and remains symptom free for almost 13 years now.

    The insights and discoveries are fascinating to read. I think there is valuable information in this book for anyone seeking to find a healthy way of living especially when medication is prescribed for mental illness. The key take away, whether one has a mental illness or not, is the path to creating a balance and inner harmony in how one lives their life.

    I recommend this book to anyone who seeks an understanding of the effects of medication on their ability to live a wholesome life. While sometimes medications are necessary there may well be a path to a cure by following the prescriptions found in this book.
    Thanks Robert for the enlightening story and research. This may well be an alternative way of dealing with OCD.


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  6. Harry Harlal

    I don’t know if it has ever been done before ?

    A combined love story, adventure, validated cure and a shared case medical analysis for the World.

    A wonderful gift of joy and kindness – the author shares 31 years of medical hardship and provides us with a recipe in InfinitE / IQ for his now 12 + year cure.

    All the result of an education paid and arduously/ painfully worked to discover the injustices of the world – forced to halt, not allowed to take a test to continue.

    A must as a read !

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  7. Alyson B.

    Just finished the book. Very inspiring!

    It’s the true story of a young man who was tormented by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D) for many years — until he discovered the answer! Rob and I shared a class or two back in high school, but I had no idea of his struggles at the time.

    The years of treatments and prescription medications were, in a sense, a torment all of their own. However, having a medical background, Rob found a way to get off the never ending hamster wheel of medication, side effects and more medication. 

    He discovered a way to not only treat his condition, but actually be cured and set free!  In his book, he shares his journey and ALL the answers he discovered so others who suffer as he did can experience the same freedom! 

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