BALLS of FIRE ! How I CURED Myself of “Eczema”

After about 1 year of burning itching and spreading of a skin rash, a visit to a physician resulted in a diagnosis of eczema.

Steroidal prescribed creams and other eczema curative creams were applied and the rash continued.

I decided to halt and apply the

Methods of InfinitE/IQ. I examined the case history, utilized my medical knowledge and said – “What if…”

Here is what I had. I knew the irritation began on my wedding ring finger, proceeded to the opposite finger, spread to both hands and elbows and continued to both thighs. My left thigh had a burning itching circle the size of a silver dollar.

I said what if I developed a metal allergy to the wedding ring, and the irritation followed the dermatomes in the body.

I found the following in research and proceeded to remove my wedding ring. Five days later complete relief -upper body !

Nickel release from metals, and a case of allergic contact dermatitis from stainless steel

I spoke with a jeweler who explained there often are nickel alloys in white gold wedding rings. I will opt for a titanium ring or try a boiling water ring bath in case the rash was initiated by dirt and fungus and proceeded from there.

In any event there was complete removal of rash, burning and itching post ring removal upper body – so far 1 week -lower body the silver dollar rash is fading fast !

thanks for listening.

** Side Note – I can only thank my MAKER S2 S3 were left unaffected – Imagine those areas affected by ones wedding ring ?!

Silver Dollar Metal Induced Inflammation