INFINITE / IQ Training Tip – Contact Dermatitis Expanded

In a prior blog I described the possibility that a trace amount of nickel in my wedding ring was responsible for an outbreak of eczema. The blog here actually shows a photo of the last remaining eczema on both thighs – see here

Since that article was posted I replaced my white gold band with a stainless steel band, but the thigh condition persisted, and actually got worse.

One month ago, I said What if ? once again, as I did when I cured myself in my book. I looked at my work-out short pockets and noticed I had been placing my work-out wet sanitizing wipes from my local gym in those pockets. What if the contents of the wipes (now know to be 2 ammonium chloride derivatives, a surfactant, H2O and perfume) was also causing contact dermatitis.

Sure enough my thighs have totally cleared up.

The next step to stop touching the wipes all together and see any occasional hand dryness is being caused by the wipes.

See my CUE here, now 10.5 years and going –


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