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August 29, 2018

Hi Robert,

I am so impressed with you and all you are doing for mankind.  Thank you for sending, I will get it on my kindle.  Best to you and your beautiful family.  A happy, healthy 2018.

Jill Porter

Lake Wallenpaupack, PA


June 25, 2018

Great Review

World wide, the average life expectancy for men is age 70. That equates to 25,550 days, 613,200 hours, 36,792,000 minutes and over 2.2 billion seconds.

The author spent nearly half a lifetime of illness, over 1.1 billion seconds of neurological ‘disorder’, yet endured. He has not only chronicled his case history, but he has provided us with a thorough medically valid analysis, a near decade of zero symptoms – a cure and a theory.

Sixteen of those 31 years of illness were in a steadfast quest to become an MD – efforts thwarted by his theorized medicine induced side effects. His book, his theories, his educational and practical experience make this read and his story unprecedented – a must read for mental health.

There are books to help you raise your kids, lose weight, straighten your hair, curl your hair, color your hair, buy a foreclosure, deal with divorce, deal with death but how many books exist to help you deal with attacks on your brain?

Mental health is truly the last of the unexplained bastions of man’s existence. Kudos to the author for not only exposing his childhood-adulthood struggles and allowing himself to vulnerably open himself to the stigma surrounding mental health issues, but to push ‘himself to find his own solutions to live a normal, healthy, balanced and joyous life. Now he shares his achievement with all – the pinnacle of altruism.

Medical society’s treatment in the area of mental health might find – I hope they find, a profound interest in the author’s work – for the welfare of all. How many physicians can tout enduring and curing an ordeal of this type?

Can it all come down to adjusting one’s body chemistry through a natural diet, proper exercise and community? Has the author found a natural, holistic approach to curing what modern medicine remains perplexed in solving?

For the author himself, he believes he has…..can it help you or your loved ones with their struggles?

Read the book and spread the word for my kids, your kids and all. Live to 100 with InfinitE/IQ and embrace life again!

Bruce M. Weinstein


June 24, 2018

Great Review

Many thanks to Rob for baring his heart and soul to share the story of his 31 year struggle with mental illness.  It’s a unique perspective thanks to his many years spent studying biology, pharmacology and medicine.  His voice comes through on every page.

I think it’s important to note that the book is NOT anti-medication.  Rob credits the essential role of medications in arresting early symptoms.

His concern is the tight evolutionary balance of body chemistry and the non-specificity of medications. With InfinitE/IQ he offers an alternative means of maintaining mental health following initial treatment, or avoiding the onset of symptoms altogether.

Steve Hiel



June 12, 2018

Great Review
This is a riveting story of perseverance and determination.  I am impressed with the story the author tells about his overcoming OCD.  Overcoming the adversities that he encountered are not only fascinating, but inspiring.

I am glad that the author has found a path forward and am pleased that he has shared his journey with us. Congratulations on your cure and I for one am inspired. A read I highly recommend.

Bob Marotto


June 9, 2018

Great Review

Having known Rob since the 1970s, I’m not at all surprised by his grit and determination to find answers. Having never known his full story, however, I’m moved by his ability to rise above and find peace. Congrats, Rob! God has blessed you and you are a blessing. A great read I pass on.

Phillip E. Russo


June 8, 2018

Great Review

A tremendous read. I read your book and thank you for sharing your journey. I admire your strength and determination and am happy that you found your path and can share a joyful life with your beautiful family. As childhood friends, I was unaware of your struggles, but am elated that you have discovered a technique that has helped you find your happiness!
Cory Nass


May 10, 2018

Great Review

Mind Blowing Review – thx so much Bai Lor, from the Manufacturing Solution Center in Tar Heel Country, N.C.

The InfinitE/IQ Platform is exploding – help me spread the word !

“Love the book!

The insights to OCD, depression, fear, learning,memory, and the human body’s ability to adapt to positive stress are mind blowing..

Thank you for sharing your journey. I can not wait to put InfinitE/IQ into practice!”

See and Leave a Review here:

Note** Bai Lor is one of the finest web site designers I have encountered, our lightening fast exchanges define teamwork – is she doesn’t know- give her 15 minutes and she finds out.



April 20, 2018

Great Review

Rob is a personal friend I have known for over 20 years. His strong will and tenacity has guided him to write this book and share his experience. He has found a way to conquer his emotional and inner conditions. His retrospective case analysis over 31 years, and the concepts of InfinitE/IQ are fascinating. I’m happy for you Rob.

Tim and Yuni Van Dorp

April 16, 2018

Great Review

Great book, informative yet still manages to be an entertaining read of the very tough subject of the struggles and eventual cure of the symptoms of OCD. A definite high mark recommendation.

Paul Stanislao


March 20, 2018

Progress, Acknowledge, and Learning to Market The Lindemann Theory and InfinitE/IQ

InfinitE/IQ = Stimulation, Community  

                                    and Clean Fuel


The following people have been instrumental in the last  few weeks in helping me the author, Robert Lindemann, and the publisher, RWL Consulting LLC, in spreading the message in The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure.

Ed Kessel from Sound Imagination has been instrumental in editing my book video where some new sound and links to my website were installed.

Bai Lor from the Manufacturing Solution Center, has been a champion as we navigate website design and social media, and she resides in the beautiful state of North Car0lina. You will read in my book that part of my journey took place here, and played a vital role in my 31 year analysis to discover my cure.

A shout out to Mike Beach for permission to edit the first video for youtube.

To Colin Graham at Graham Publishing as we pave a path and extend the message of my journey and cure.

And one final shout out to Verve Restaurant, best food and drink in New Jersey, another location along the 31 year path.

I can only invite you to join The Lindemann Theory Blog,  as  I mount evidence to support my cure and drive InfinitE/IQ.

Energy                         and                     Intelligence


Experience the New Dawn with The Lindemann Theory




March 20, 2018

Great Review

Thank you for helping us understand OCD! Having had a few close encounters with OCD, I ordered the book to gain some insight from a patient ‘s point of view. I began reading the book and got so engrossed in the story I did not put it down until I had reached the back cover.
Thank you for baring your soul and sharing your case history with us, I highly recommend this book as it will undoubtedly help other families navigate these waters.
Wishing you continued health, happiness and success with the audiobook!



March 20, 2018

Great Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Mr. Lindemann describes his journey in great detail and you feel like you are right there by his side during the process. He trusted his own instincts in his journey which is great advice to all who are dealing with struggles in life, whether physically or emotionally. I would recommend the book to anyone – anyone who loves to learn and live.




March 20, 2018

Great Review

I bought this book to gain some understanding about OCD and how it can be treated without drugs. Robert’s journey to manage his OCD and take control back of his life tears at your heart. This is a great book and resource about OCD. I never knew there was so much difficulty in dealing with OCD. Robert’s ideas for how to make positive changes in your brain without drugs and manage OCD are solid, research-based, and thoroughly explained. This is a fantastic book if you want to learn more about an alternate therapy and treatment. Robert provides helpful tools in conquering OCD with practical applications.




March 19, 2018

Great Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book – wonderful story. Mr. Lindemann describes his journey in great detail and you feel like you are right there by his side during the process. He trusted his own instincts in his journey which is great advice to all who are dealing with struggles in life, whether physically or emotionally. I would recommend the book to anyone.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Mr. Lindemann describes his journey in great detail and you feel like you are right there by his side during the process. He trusted his own instincts in his journey which is great advice to all who are dealing with struggles in life, whether physically or emotionally. I would recommend the book to anyone.



March 19, 2018

Great Review

This book is about a young man that had everything, athletic scholarships, top of his class academically, movie star looks and charisma, only to have it ripped away from him at the age of 15 over a small incident that triggered his OCD mental illness . The story is how he suffered for 31 years., At different points in time he would get well and started moving on to his goals only to relapse time and time again. He was always having to start from the beginning. With his medical background from his time in college and medical school, he careful he analyzes neurochemistry, pharmaceuticals, and the metabolic processes of the human body. He talks about the delicate balance of how the human body works and how inbalance can create disaster. That disaster can be exasperated by side effects of pharmaceuticals directly and indirectly. He was able to cure himself and remain symptom free for almost a decade. There are many lessons learned in this book from his journey and his amazing solutions and insights. Had he only become a scientist one could imagine the problems he could’ve solved. I completely enjoyed his journey and the information I was able to take away. I bought some friends this book. He states that there’s no magic bullets that resolves everything, rather it’s a combination of everything being in harmony. Everything is backed up with documentation and research. This book was written using the scientific method based on a hypothesis and he himself is the clinical case study. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I hope the information is spread on how to be healthier, fitter, and happier. And I hope anyone that suffers from any kind of physical or mental illness can rethink how they can get themselves back to a healthy state. An incredible read !


Joseph G Salkind


March 18, 2018

Great Review

Hey Rob,
I just wanted to drop you a line as I ordered and just finished reading your book! Thank you for sharing your life and all you have overcome. I am thankful for your perseverance and YOUR cure! You have made me think very hard about many things, and have inspired me to make some changes now that I have the knowledge you shared. I look forward to more of your books in the future. Once again, thanks for sharing, Happy New Year to your family and a great read. Robin Raley Hazen

Robin Raley Hazen


March 17, 2018

Great Review

Inspiring, brilliant, and incredibly accurate. How do I know? I am the author’s mother, and lived the journey and have enjoyed the fruits of his theory, and hope it helps others. At 92 years of age, the validity of InfinitE/IQ has and will continue to allow me to enjoy my grandchildren for years to come. Certainly if there was one doctor I would want as my physician it would be Robert; it is a shame his medical school will not allow him to resume his studies despite excellent academic achievement of those completed 2 years. It is a book for all, and a book that I feel can reshape the treatment of the human psyche and physical. With pride 5+ stars, and a mothers testimony to facts, and the files to prove all. Fantastic Read !

Claire Lindemann



March 16, 2018

Great Review

I find this book to be fascinating and have a riveting story – a page turner, coupled with real science and medical history. A must read in my opinion.
A book for the masses. A book we all can find the summit to – only with your InfinitE/IQ !

Rosanne Chandra



March 15, 2018

Great Review

I was a high school teammate and friend but never really understood the journey Rob was in the midst of then or the decades following. With his book I now understand. His story goes from heartache to hope and despair to victory. It is a true story of perseverance and healing through loving community, science and faith. Rob’s story and his significant insights need to be heard. This book offers hope and understanding to those who suffer, their loved ones who suffer with them and the medical and healing community who seek to help them.

Rob Cruver

The Author says, “Thank you”, to an incredible person/friend who has helped many, and will continue to help many, and has been my sounding board for quite some time.


March 15, 2018

An amazing story that is real and compelling, finished the book in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. I hope it inspires and helps others.



March 8, 2018

Great review

I highly recommend this book. A one of a kind story of success!  This book provides a unique peak into the mind of someone struggling with severe OCD, anxiety and other mental issues.  We all hear about mental illness but how many people actually find a cure?  Robert overcame a 31 year battle and has been symptom free for 8 years.  Using his medical background, knowledge of nutrition and exercise, he found a way to regulate his mental chemistry and now has a beautiful family and lives a successful healthy life.  I’m personally blown away by his story.  And there are many lessons here to improve anyone’s mental performance.
Ed Kessel

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March 7, 2018

InfinitE/IQ Blog shows great presence

The launch of the InfinitE/IQ blog has been met with great feedback and a growing following. Topics cover the gamut – medicine, nutrition, exercise, healthcare, mental health, community and more… Keep the conversation going –

February 27, 2018

Reviews Coming In: 11 amazon reviews thus far –  5 out of 5 stars for all

A difficult read, but rewarding. Difficult technically, yes, due to its descriptions of physiology and biochemistry. However, the difficulty was in trying to dispassionately read these accounts of suffering. Thirty-one years of suffering is in no way excusable, even given how little we know of the human brain. The author’s trials came from the ignorance, however well intended, of the medical community. I suppose that no fully trained physician ever suffered as he had, given that that level of emotional disturbance would allow for no medical education to succeed. Still, that he had sufficient medical training and could examine the malady of his OCD provides an inside look at the condition. The drama alone makes compelling reading. The insights gained might also help lead to treatment of these types of disorders. The trick is to read with sympathy, not with empathy. A challenging look at distress.

James Springer


December 29, 2017


Library of Congress accepts and issues Control Number for The Lindemann Theory book

Library of Congress
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