The Lindemann Theory via RWL Consulting LLC

It has been several weeks since my self- published book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure has been available for purchase and the response has been overwhelming.

Since I have discovered that the marketing of the book, any book, requires equal if not more effort to spread the message, I have begun another journey. People are sharing their stories with me, and I have already achieved the goal set forth in the book- that being to help at least one person.

I am also learning there is vast confusion as to what OCD is, and confusion about other forms of mental illness. I am excited.

I am excited to not only expand the book sale and message but to unload the brand InfinitE/ IQ and make the world healthy and strong again.

InfinitE/ IQ, a formula for near infinite energy and intelligence is not a myth, is achievable and we can make it happen.

Join me in this blog, as we explore life together, interact and find success and solutions together.

the Lindemann Theory

The Author: Robert W. Lindemann

Robert Lindemann