The Need to Re-Define O.C.D. was Warranted

It has become even more apparent since the book’s publication, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, that indeed there was a need for me to redefine the definition of OCD . I did this when I resumed the book’ s writing in 2017.

As noted in the book that delay and resumption of penning was caused by concerns of book acceptance, and then an attorney’s push to complete respectively. That meeting with the attorney, left him turning down my check book, and saying- “Just a signed copy on completion will do.”

It seems some fellow humans want to proclaim they too have OCD – sort of a pride taken in being detailed oriented/organized – I believe. Again, in the book I rate the pain level if the pathology of OCD to be about a 15 (scale of 1-10). I one finds the traits of being organized, detail oriented and with a strong work ethic – then wonderful, but you don’t want OCD.

I then discovered that my description of mental pain was confusing to some – and rightfully so – they never experienced it.

I was at my car dealership, a tire repair in progress, when I struck up a conversation with a gentleman. That person actually turned out to be a microbiology professor at the University I attended for my 2 undergraduate degrees.

I was explaining the book to him and I described the mental pain. And he looked puzzled and asked was it a headache – and so I went on to describe the anguish of the obsessive thoughts creating a mental pain distinct and beyond the pain of a headache.

He was interested – I hope he bought and read the book.

OCD is not an illness one wants to have, rather it is one you want to cure. The word manage for me is a tricky one – as I explain my InfinitE/IQ has rendered me symptom free for almost 10 years now.

I don’t use the word “cure” I use the word cure – my reasons explained early on.

I would venture that one wanting to retain the disorder of OCD, most likely has a different illness. I am not certain of this.

May they find help.

People are beginning to open up to me – they tell me all – I listen – we try to solve. It is the type of freedom my family describes in the books video:

I am so glad I was not silent, and listened to my conscious – the need/desire to help others

“Harmony is Broken when the Silent Watch the Gifts of Life Eroded by Detractors of Joy and Inspiration”
-RwL 2018

Can’t wait to chat again —