Pain, Electro-Convulsive Therapy, and the Remarkable Human Body and Brain

Sunday morning while catching a glass of H2O to satisfy my nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (lithium induced from former usage – I was misdiagnosis) I met a man in agony.

His diagnosed pinched nerve in his neck had put a clamp on his right brachial plexus. The pain so bad, I could see tears in his eyes. Surgery was set in 2 days to alleviate a cervical bulging disk(s). May the surgeon give some breadth to the disk(s) in one or some of C5, C6, C7, C8 or T1 to give this man his right arm and hand back. Good Luck SJH.

I texted him pre-op to tell him – think only of the pain relief post- surgery – wish him well.

It reminded me of how I felt while I lay on my triage bed, pre Electro- Convulsive Therapy (ECT) seizure induction. Nurses in the room, warm sheets, conversation and hope the agony of the depression would be lifted.

I still ponder why ECT has not been effective in breaking the brain lock of OCD. In my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, I relate my theorized obsession induced cortisol release, and its deleterious effects. I believe those thoughts create much more stress than the state of depression and therefor do wonder if the frequency of ECT in relationship to deleterious stress effects on stem cell (other ECT induced changes below) released by seizure might be the problem. I have relayed these ideas – when I find time it would exciting to delve further.

The below link discusses theorized neuro-physiological-epigenetic changes created by ECT seizures, and how it works.

The conclusion is inconclusive, but we know these factors to be involved:

1) neuroplastic changes

2) neurotransmitter changes

3) neurotrophic factor changes

4) FC changes

5) immune system and neuroendocrine changes

6) epigenetic changes

In The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, the neuro-physiological changes induced by exercise are discussed. Mentioned there are how we can activate dormant stem cells and turn them into new actin and myosin filaments (new muscles) and then the wonder of blood and nervous innervation begins. The below link – research out of John Hopkins explains an animal model where epigenetic changes and stem cell release may be the mechanism behind ECT ‘s therapeutic benefits. Saved my life several times!


In The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, the reader comes to understand InfinitE/IQ’s Stimulation component.  With you the reader, we discuss the power of positive stress on the body. Mental exercise lets dendritic connections fly ! Physical – the assets are incredible.

The human body adapts to stress . Work it a bit; enjoy the work/play and wonders emerge

Explore InfinitE/IQ today in the Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure. Experience a New Dawn.

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