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In this memoir I have theorized, as part of The Lindemann Theory, and I believe validate it in an eight-year cure thus far, that the medications that thankfully removed symptoms of O.C.D. went on to create a broad range of events including direct side effects, a misdiagnosis, and indirectly led to other sequelae (conditions following the original one of O.C.D.). In 2009, I would perform a retrospective analysis of these events, leading me to create The Lindemann Theory that would lead to my cure.  I then go on to create InfinitE/IQ to help us all. The very events that tortured me would create a history that would set me free. Read our customer’s review below …

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The Lindemann Theory For Professional

Three major periods of OCD, four major depressions, three of the major depressions requiring electroconvulsive treatments (ECT), ten to fifteen major “burn-outs” (at least three to six weeks long), two total hallucinatory to full-psychosis events, periods of mania, delusions, paranoia, obvious stress and anxiety, two lock downs, two suicide attempts (one near death), six major hospitalizations (one week or longer), five emergency room visits, thousands of doctor visits, twenty direct and over one hundred indirect doctors, almost twenty different medications, one sleep research facility experience, and more.

Because of the medication-induced side effects and sequelae (direct and indirect) mentioned and the original OCD, I believe I have insight into the following disorders: OCD, cyclothymic disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), depression, major depression and dysthymia.

My education in physiology and psychology, understanding of exercise physiology, nutrition, athletic training and broad coursework from medical school including coursework in pharmacology, anatomy-cadaver dissection, pathology, biochemistry, quantitative analysis, nutrition, physiology, neuroanatomy, embryology, genetics, endocrinology, microbiology, physical exam-history, microbiology, nutrition, molecular cell biology, all enabled me to analyze, elucidate, and create my theory, carry it out, succeed, document and pen this memoir-case history.

My use of InfinitE / IQ, a combination of Community (removal of isolation, and a return to a social species), Stimulation (mental and physical exercise; stress in the right dose to invoke adaptations) and Clean Fuel (food and supplements of the right type and quantity) all designed to maximize biochemical and neurochemical balance, hormonal control and reach peak efficiency and life performance. That cure again has been close to a decade now.

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Author: Robert Lindemann
Publisher: RWL Consulting LLC
Publication Year: December 8, 2017
Length: 270

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  1. Pastor George Montanari

    A MAN of God and Jesus – gives HUGE THUMBS UP for THE BOOK of The YEAR

    “This is an incredible story; no, a journey of so much more than physical healing. This is a journey of healing of body, heart and spirit; a journey on which we the readers are invited to accompany Rob; but we soon discover that he is accompanying us – maybe even leading us – on our own journey of healing for body, heart and spirit.

    When reading this book, yes, you will learn important lessons for good physical care and well-being. You will read of processes of health that take place at cellular and molecular levels, and in terms that the average reader will generally be able to follow.

    But you will find medicine for more than your body; you will find medicine for your heart as you walk along with Rob and learn to see the world through new lenses of love and passion; you will find medicine for your spirit as you journey with Rob and learn to embrace ever greater and wider dimensions of hope and encouragement.

    It may seem to read as part biography and as part introductory physiology or biochemistry textbook; but it is really a love story – the story of a man who learned afresh to love himself, his family and the gift of life itself. It is a story of love that Rob has for each of us who will read and share the journey with him. And the passion of his concern for the well-being of every reader he can possibly reach will wash you with warmth. This story, this journey, will move and inspire you – and will be one you will want to revisit time and again in the changing seasons of your own life’s journey.”

    Get this book!

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  2. D. Cruzer

    I was a high school teammate and friend but never really understood the journey Rob was in the midst of then or the decades following. His story goes from heartache to hope and despair to victory. It is a true story of perseverance and healing through loving community, science and faith. Robs story and his significant insights need to be heard. This book offers hope and understanding to those who suffer, their loved ones who suffer with them and the medical and healing community who seek to help them.

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  3. E. Kess

    A one of a kind story of success! This book provides a unique peak into the mind of someone struggling with severe OCD, anxiety and other mental issues. We all hear about mental illness but how many people actually find a cure? Robert overcame a 31 year battle and has been symptom free for 8 years. Using his medical background, knowledge of nutrition and exercise, he found a way to regulate his mental chemistry and now has a beautiful family and lives a successful healthy life. I’m personally blown away by his story. And there are many lessons here to improve anyone’s mental performance. I highly recommend this book to everyone that wants to reach the peak!

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  4. Julie K.

    An amazing story that is real and compelling, finished the book in one sitting as I couldn’t put it down. I hope it inspires and helps others. I high recommendation to all!

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  5. David P. Jahnke

    This book means a great deal to me. It offers exciting new possibilities for healing in mind, body and spirit from OCD and more. The writing is strong, the personal story is compelling and the insights and theories are intriguing and bring hope. I highly recommend it. Order one today.

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  6. Clare Christensen

    This book is a great story of a man with very hard condition. Page by page, you understand the troubles of OCD and how one can overcome it with out big pharma. Thank you Rob for sharing your life and struggles to every reader. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about different mental disorders, I hope it helps others struggling as well. I highly recommend it.

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  7. Jan Unger

    You don’t have to be in the medical field to read and appreciate the struggle that Robert Lindemann went through. There is “hope”for anyone with a mental illness.

    Jan Unger
    Author/Former Rutgers University Golf Coach

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  8. Bob Marotto

    This is a riveting story of perseverance and determination. I am impressed with the story the author tells about his overcoming OCD. Overcoming the adversities that he encountered are not only fascinating, but inspiring.
    I am glad that the author has found a path forward and am pleased that he has shared his journey with us.

    Congratulations on your cure and I for one am inspired. A read I highly recommend.

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  9. Pam Gunter

    Incredibly RAW, passionate, memoir that takes a look into Rob’s mental health journey. It provides scientific fuel for thought that medication just may not be the most healthiest of ways to solve mental health issues today. It is a solution that has proven results for him, why not YOU!

    I could not help but read his book with my educator hat on. I can remember every child that has come through my doors, those young, beautiful faces that have been heavily medicated, held captive in their own body, just so that they can function in a “normal” setting for that 8 hour school day. When I read about Rob’s struggles, I can’t help but match a face to his pain. Society needs to work with mental heath issues at an early level and much faster than our public schools are doing! We are reaching crisis levels now.

    Rob’s cure combination of Stimulation, Community, and Clean Fuel, makes perfect scientific sense to work with the brains neurotransmissions to reprogram our youth toward a healthier life away from medications. This theory can be used within all socioeconomic levels and leaves no one out.

    It has been a pleasure to discuss this topic with Rob personally and learn more about the physiology and neurotransmission science behind the body. Many of us already know how bright and passionate he is. With his knowledge and passion, I believe there is a far-reaching topic here for the health of our youth, our failed school systems, and mental health crisis. No one can deny we have a mental health crisis that has lead to far too many mass school shootings. This is the time to find a solution-Rob may have found the solution!

    Proud of all of your accomplishments, and most of all your mental success!

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