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One of the vital components of InfinitE/IQ , my formula that ended a 31 year battle with OCD and medication induced side effects, is stimulation, both physical and mental in the form of exercise. In my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, the notion that the body responds to positive stress by adapting and healing was discussed – as well as the attributes of exercise. For mental exercise, we saw dendritic connections flying, and for physical exercise I briefly described a routine to recruit stem cells in muscles.

     Neural Stem Cells

That routine which I hope to expand upon in another writing involves a controlled regimen of super-setting, varied muscle fiber attack and adequate rest to allow the below adaptations to occur within skeletal muscles and also within cardiac muscles with variations.

Body Muscle

The below 2 links describe these physiological changes, and I have taken the liberty of summarizing those changes below in items 1 – 16; a full, but by all means not inclusive list.


List of ways muscle is made:

  1. An adult stem cell is responsive to exercise induced stress; mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) accumulate in muscles post exercise and release growth factors (GFs)
  2. These GFs act on other cells to fuse and build new muscle
  3. The stress needs to be “significant” to induce these changes- from personal experience the more stress and  with allowing ample recovery and re- build – the larger the muscles growth
  4. Muscles growth draws in more blood vessels and more nervous motor responses
  5. Of great importance is that the GFs are released into the bloodstream, so there is speculation that the whole body feel better post exercise could be in some way attributed to this release- if so wonderful news, and a great area for further research
  6. Stress induced changes pertain to both skeletal and cardiac muscles; the latter referred to as “ the Heart of an Athlete”.
  7. With stress we see release of cytokines, transcription factors, activation pathways and most recent in discovery post translational miRNAs – genetic material activation, all this atop the GFs release
  8. Stress acts on protein synthesis and degradation and on satellite cells
  9. Muscle growth can occur by satellite fusion or by increased protein synthesis forming new actin and myosin filaments
  10. Stress can induce epigenetic changes in DNA – some evidence this leads to lowered risk of metabolic disease
  11. Evidence suggests that exercise during pregnancy can lead to positive changes in the fetus – those changes of the type in # 10 above
  12. The activation of stem cells post exercise occur 9-24 hrs after
  13. Seems exercise while increasing total number of satellite cells, the fusion of is caused by the GFs, which of course is exercise induced
  14. We see both capillarization and angiogenesis with exercise – again how wonderful the body adapts
  15. Wonderful news is that the heart does have the ability to regenerate – bad news is it is a slow process 1% per year, but exercise can help
  16. There is still a ton to learn about the effects of exercise on both skeletal and cardiac muscles, especially the latter

These 16 items are incredibly fascinating – with hard work, the body responds and awards with muscle growth and strength. When we add/complement stimulation with clean fuel and community, one can peak in health and athletic performance.

Female Track Athletes at Starting Line

Female Track Athletes at Starting Line

Enjoy the rainbow each and every day with InfinitE/IQ !

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Note: The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, was written by Robert Lindemann, and published by RWL Consulting LLC.

The book defines a revolution in psychiatric care, treatment and understanding – with tremendous healthcare and socioeconomic savings. I cured myself of OCD, and dismissed the medication induced misdiagnosis of Bipolar Depression. It is a book not just for the mental health community, but for all human beings.

InfinitE/IQ is a formula with curative and peak performance components. Healthy diets, with DHA/EPA (Clean Fuel), mental and physical exercise (Stimulation) and a return to the social creature mankind is (Community), define these components. My theories behind OCD, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, Electro- convulsive treatments, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, fear, learning and memory are all laid out in my case history retrospective analysis defining the backbone of my book.

The book is available at the below link, along with a wonderful youtube video of my family, and the Introduction pages are waiting for you to read:

The Lindemann Theory