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My writing of the book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, was a project begun and completed for concern and respect for my fellow man. There was and is a desire to teach caution with the use of exogenous agents and therapies, there is the concept that these agents are needed at times, there are strong and powerful theories regarding the origin and sequestering of OCD and related illnesses, there is an urge to live in the moment with the obvious concept of preparing for the future, and there is an overwhelming concern of this author that a worldwide problem exists of misdiagnosing patients as bipolar – the book’s 31 year retrospective case analysis should make this an easy extrapolation. The clinical details of that 31 year illness – right in front of you in this Introduction.

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The Lindemann Theory

The length of the above prior sentence showed little concern for succinctness in writing, as a desire to impact the mass of ideas present in the book and the experiences of the author bore precedence. A 31 year journey, extended with an almost decade full cure, not “cure” but cure, grants you the reader 40 years of hands on experience, encompassed with hard core education in the human body and medicine.

To highlight the point, I met a child psychiatrist one day, licensed and practicing before they themselves had children, and they described their change of ideas once they had children. Did their own practical world of child rearing make them a more effective clinician – You Bet Ya !!!! This example has over riding implications and applications to other areas in this world, in particular the employment arena where there seems to exist massive age discrimination against the experienced and not so aging.

The intention of this particular blog was initiated by curiosity, my own, as a byproduct of a misdiagnosis made in my journey, and the deleterious effects of an exogenous substance – not needed, not helpful, eventually harmful. The prescribing of lithium for presented symptoms, now theorized by me to be caused by other medications I was taking, and of course validated by a near ten year cure, began in the mid-late 80’s. The duration of taking exceeded a decade. The taking of that medication passed through several doctors hands; halted by the insight of one.

In my prior blog here, I presented a short riddle, that went like this:

This riddle is a morph between the work of Samuel Taylor Coleridge from the “The Rime of the

Ancient Mariner” and myself.

And so Riddle Me this:

“Water, water everywhere, but not a Drop to Drink, yet given Salts for a Decade and we wonder why Kidneys Sink?”

The salts referred to lithium, the mariner unable to drink water, as the salt water itself would kill you -. the nephrons of the human kidney can only make a urine that will be less salty than salt water, so to rid of excess salt of the drunk sea water, you would have expel salt at a physiological impossible level-the result at the cellular level explained here – at the human level – death – a concern – ya think?.

cell dehydration here

As noted in my book, The Lindemann Theory, lithium caused NDI, Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus (not Diabetes Mellitus), a condition of excessive urination requiring excessive thirst and drinking of water. The pathology usually occurs at the proximal and distal collecting tubules of  nephrons of the kidneys – the mechanisms discussed below.

Kidney Nephron – The Functional Unit of the Kidney – 1 million + Nephrons per Kidney


Researchers and clinicians are seeing the deleterious effects of  lithium. What is concerning is some of the early studies which showed in the rat model, lithium causing kidney damage in a little as 14 days, and then the damage being reversible. The fact that such damage was caused in such a short period of time is ultra concerning for me, the recovery post cessation, very unappreciated considering such a short ingestion of product. One can only hope such short duration studies were not used to seek approval.

Here are some of the noted consequences of taking lithium.

A) lithium competes with magnesium – the result is inhibition of magnesium dependent G proteins that activate adenylyl cyclase which is vasopressin sensitive.

B) the body experiences downregulation of the aquaporin-2 water channel that is vasopressin activated – this water channel resides on the apical plasma membrane of principal cells of the collecting duct – one wonders if stem cell research might replace these damaged basal lamina cells?

C) In the rat model all of these transporters were effected: UT-A1, UT-A3, aquaporin-2 (AQP2), and NKCC2,

D) This Study extends the damage to the human aquaporin 3 channel

E) The areas of concern extend to sodium transporters and acid/base as well – See Here

The mechanism of action of this drug , and its efficacy on reducing mania in bipolar depression will be reserved for another blog.

My kidney damage is non progressive, yet important. These studies are alarming at the rapidity at which lithium creates these toxicities. To the patient and clinician I beg for both education on the use of this drug, and alternative options. Again, I wonder if stem cell research and treatment could be used to reintroduce healthy principal or basal lamina cells and reenergize the collecting tubules of those suffering from NDI. Anther cure – another Lindemann Theory.


Stem Cell Replacement – A CURE for NDI ?

Perhaps my book and InfinitE/IQ might help in diagnosis and better management.

InfinitE IQ

Note: The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, was written by Robert Lindemann, and published by RWL Consulting LLC.

The book defines a revolution in psychiatric care, treatment and understanding – with tremendous healthcare and socioeconomic savings. I cured myself of OCD, and dismissed the medication induced misdiagnosis of Bipolar Depression. It is a book not just for the mental health community, but for all human beings.

InfinitE/IQ is a formula with curative and peak performance components. Healthy diets, with DHA/EPA (Clean Fuel), mental and physical exercise (Stimulation) and a return to the social creature mankind is (Community), define these components. My theories behind OCD, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, Electro- convulsive treatments, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, fear, learning and memory are all laid out in my case history retrospective analysis defining the backbone of my book.

The book is available at the below link, along with a wonderful youtube video of my family, and the Introduction pages are waiting for you to read:

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