Molecular Mimics, Antibiotics, Food Supply, Evolution and Adaptation to Support InfinitE/IQ

A woman became lost at night, an impending snow covered a once starry night. Without compass, she did possess one last match. She lit it to find moss growing on a tree. In the northern hemisphere, she knows moss tends to grow on the northern side of trees, a cooler, damper and a side without direct sunlight. This was her environment and it led her to safety.


If her environment were changed, the sun no longer existed, the fauna and biosphere would change, and she would be left in harms way – no moss laden trunks to save her, a simple example of environment affecting ones well-being.

We have a story. Let us add some facts, before we delve to a blog, inspired by friends with inflammation. A blog which further validates the power of InfinitE/IQ, and my theories in The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure.

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Some basic epidemiology facts on the incidence of Crohn’s Disease in industrialized versus non-industry nations, along with the story above, serves as evidencial support for conjectures below. Quite simply- in non-industry nations – Crohn’s Disease is rare.

In final before concerns of my followers are penned, a quick basic summation of genetics and the idea of genetic predispositions to disease and the effect of environment on genes. The short – some genes are “hard-wired” and some genes only become expressed under certain environmental situations. A quick analogy, picture an electrical outlet box in your home, the wire with voltage completely severed, rendering the unit without electricity. Now picture that same wire with some frayed insulation, but “stuffed” recklessly within that same outlet box, only then to render the box without power – an environment gone wrong exposing the predisposition.

The above triad of explanation is necessary to delineate the triad of predisposing factors for Crohn’s disease – environmental factors, which can lead to immune factors, and an underlying genetic factor(s). The wonderful news is that evidence suggests we can prevent Crohn’s Disease by changing our environment – let’s see how.

In my book I discussed molecular mimics in regards to cancer. In the former blog we discussed how the gut could be made more permeable by gluten and other proteins. That increased doorway, can bring “strangers” to the body, and our immune system kind of attacks strangers. When the strangers are very close to ourselves (molecular mimics) that is where we get in trouble, and autoimmunity becomes a problem.

In my book, The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, I discuss the problems of our food supply and the inability for our systems to handle it. Millions of years in design, the human body was not cut out for certain materials. My book also discusses the power of human adaptation – in the case of our guts we developed a microbiome to adjust to food changes. That was great until we introduced antibiotics, preservatives, refined sugars, nitrates, artificial sweeteners, antiseptic mouth wash and more to erase this “biosphere”.

And so in an industrialized nation, the predisposed (not yet Crohn’s patient) unknowing enters a world of wheat proteins, “microbiome erasers” and the scene is set for pathology, disease, and an autoimmune response — yes the shame is we can prevent and need to, because of the joy of humans are at stake and the health care costs are enormous. One medication touted to cost $$$$$$$/month.

On top of this all we have placed some of our workers indoors where exposure to vitamin D is limited. Vitamin D helps control/establish our microbiome. Vitamin  is actually a steroid hormone, 1, 25 (OH) 2D that acts as a molecular “exchanger” with the ability to activate more than 200 target genes. I am not a physician, but have used this “vitamin” for the past 4 years to stop and shorten viral illnesses (cold and flu-perhaps another blog). It works for me – check with your physician beforehand. Enjoy these two links on the power of this hormone.

What we have above is an education, a solution and major medical overlaps and parallels to my book,  The Lindemann Theory, A 31 Year Journey and My Cure, and the components of InfinitE/IQ. Abuse the human body and it will break. Abuse the human body unknowingly creates a sad affair – but one we can learn from.

Inspired by my friends, once inflamed, and now dousing the fire!

“There is nothing wrong but every things right with hope.” Robert Lindemann

These words are on every other page of my book – immerse yourself in thought, education and practice, and find a rainbow.