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“I have been healthy, happy, symptom-free (none, zero), and long-term psychotropic medication and therapy free. My diagnosis today is happy and healthy, and I will explain how this is possible and how it happened.

In this memoir I have theorized, as part of The Lindemann Theory, and I believe validate it in an eight-year cure thus far, that the medications that thankfully removed symptoms of O.C.D. went on to create a broad range of events including direct side effects, a misdiagnosis, and indirectly led to other sequela (conditions following the original one of O.C.D.). In 2009, I would perform a retrospective analysis of these events, leading me to create The Lindemann Theory that would lead to my cure. I then go on to create InfinitE/IQ to help us all. In this book, the following list of events (OCD, and Side Effect Induced-direct and indirect) will be examined in detail. The very events that tortured me would create a history that would set me free”
–Robert Lindemann


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