Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Poster guidelines:

To get your FREE poster, you can do the following:

Option 1 – Buy Same Poster:

  1. Enter “2” besides the “Add to Cart” on the detail page (Poster 1 – Work Out or Poster 2 – Swim) OR increase your QTY at the CART page then click on UPDATE Cart
  2. click on Add to Cart
  3. in the CART page, enter coupon code
  4. click on Apply coupon

Option 2 – Buy Different Poster

  1. Buy Poster 1 (Work Out)
  2. Buy Poster 2 (Swim)
  3. at CART page, enter the coupon code
  4. Click on Apply coupon

*If you change your quantity and update your cart; you may need to re-enter your coupon again

*FREE poster does not include shipping